Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. (3 John 1:2)

Imagine being a blind man and someone spitting on your eyes so that your vision can be restored. Or being a great man in the eyes of your CEO but you are sick and being told to step into muddy waters to be healed of leprosy. How would you react to either of those situations? Neither seems a likely route to regain one’s health. Both of these stories are mighty displays of the power of God to restore health.

Often the least likely route is the most blessed one in the eyes of God. Both of the scenarios above took humility to accept. In fact, the leper, Naaman, was angry when he first heard this from the profit. It took some convincing from his servant for him to come to a place of belief. We could say his soul was not prospering.
style=”text-align: left;”>The prosperity of our soul is a wonderful thing and God wants our souls to be well. The healthy or prosperous soul is one that possesses and hides the truth of God in its crevices. That is the starting point of the soul’s prosperity, without the truth of God permeating our souls we will find poverty therein. It is also prudent to hasten and say that truth is not a boring topic spoken of in philosophical debates. It is embodied in Jesus and the soul must experience Him as truth, the truth in Him, and Him in the truth.

How could James make such a connection to health and overall wellness? Imagine John is not writing to Gaius in 3 John but directly to you. You are living in truth, the truth is living in you, and you are walking in the truth. Unlike Naaman, you believe the Word of the Lord. John would declare to you that the benefits of the truth that govern your soul does the same to your body. This is all for the glory of the Lord.

God has embedded His eternal blessings in our hearts and we can glean from them the blessings of our bodies as well. Our health is very important for us to do the work of the Lord and the power of God that quickens our minds must be allowed to move through our bodies as well. This means we must allow God to work through the gifts of doctors and trusted scientists who designed medicines for our use. We must also remember to make our requests known and avoid anxiety.

What can we learn from Naaman’s situation?

Firstly, God will do the magnificent through the ridiculous. We must be able to discern His truth and continue to walk in it.

Secondly, belief in the Word of God is our first step towards being healthy. Elijah told the Naaman what to do and had Naaman not gone and dipped in the Jordan he wouldn’t have been healed.

And finally, God sometimes uses natural means to heal natural issues. The water in the Jordan River can be likened to a medicine that is prescribed that we do not want to take. God will send a natural remedy that He planted in the mind of a scientist for our benefit.

God has the power to heal, but He has also given gifts to men who are scientists and doctors to make the body well too.

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