God has a plan for you
Put something on your head; God has a plan for you! He knows what he does and when he does it, so even if He closes one door – or several – He will open a grand path. Believe, have faith; only God can bless us and make our way close or open!

God opens the doors that were closed

When God wants, He does! It is important that you are aware of this and that even if a door is closed if He wants, that door will be opened again. But for these doors to be opened again, you need to follow your path with God, having faith, being loving and kind to people. However, never forget that God is the One who is first in your life and in the life of your family. Believe that He can do anything, but His power depends on your behavior.

God opens all paths

If you are faithful to God’s love and live according to His precepts and teachings, know that your ways will be opened. God allows you to make your choice, but it is He who opens the way, which shows you where to go and which paths are not good.

Even God opening and showing the way, it is extremely important that you choose. You decide which way to go. However, if you start a path and find that it is not the right one, go back and make a new beginning, choose a new path. Remember that sometimes you are not in complete harmony with God to choose what He has designed for you!

What God builds; no one is able to destroy

Many may not believe that God is capable of doing wonders, but know that what He has built-in your life, no one is able to destroy. So, believe that what is under construction is because God allowed it; it was because God opened the right path for you.
So, thank all the paths that God has opened for you and continue following the path of God’s righteousness and love!

Life closes doors, and God comes and opens his ways

It’s amazing how often we are hoping for something good in our lives, but the doors end up being closed. At that moment, many of us became sad and ended up discouraging and even giving up living. This is the difference between those who believe and live the love of God to the fullest and those who simply live.

When you lean on God, however difficult the situation may seem, a new path will open. You just have to keep your eyes and – especially – open your heart to what God has for you. It is important that you do not create expectations about what you want and let God act as He wishes! Believe in the goodness of the Lord; only He is able to open the right paths for you!

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Far too many Black women have never purposely engaged in healing; seeking to understand our mothers in full context of the time and seasons of life. This book is about the healing of Black women from the wounds we have regarding our mothers. To provide a gracious space to look beyond the pain and the shame of their mother’s stories and honor her by seeing her through the lens of grace and glory.