Everyone makes mistakes. Granted, some mistakes are more significant than others and harder to get over, but they’re a part of life. How individuals influence those mistakes is important to their self-esteem. Children who are taught from an early age to admit to their mistakes understand that it is not a criminal offense to make one and that they seem to possess the ability to cope much better with them. They recognize that an error was made and admit the error. Most importantly, these children also develop a method to alter the mistake and not do a similar thing again.

The process of creating and learning from mistakes is a very valuable life skill for everybody because learning involves risking. Every time children risk, they’re going to not always succeed. But they tried something new and possibly learned from it as a result.

Children with low self-esteem contend with making a mistake quite differently. More often than not, these children use the experience to devalue themselves. Instead of staring at the error as a chance to find out, these children interpret the experience as a reason to quit and never try again. They view it as a devaluing and humiliating experience.

You can help your child deal with mistakes by first ensuring they understand that everybody makes mistakes, even you. Own up to your own mistakes to show them there is no shame in making them. Make sure they understand that it’s okay to make mistakes.

This presents an excellent opportunity to inform your child what you’ve learned to try and do differently subsequent time. Then, offer strategies to show mistakes into learning opportunities. In the process, you’ll be able to provide your child with a chance to boost their self-esteem and accept responsibility for the mistakes they make. Help your child to comprehend that the mistake is the problem, and not them. Then help them develop a positive plan for the future time around, and what they’ll do differently following time to avoid making the same mistake again.

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