Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own. (1 Corinthians 6:19)

We often look only at the spiritual implications of being the temples of the Holy Spirit, but there are physical implications that should cause us to look at our health. We are told that being alive in Christ has implications for our mortal bodies. This means we must live a well-balanced Christian life that considers our body, soul, and spirit.

Here are five tips on living healthy and balanced.

The temple belongs to God

As the scripture said, “You are not your own”. Living with this mindset means we will prioritize the things that matter to God. Seeking God is an essential part of being the temple of God. We must be willing to do the things that allow God to dwell in His house. This means we must foster prayer, gratitude, worship, and reading the Word.

The temple is your house too

God has given us back the body that is His temple for us to be stewards over. We really only have one body for the duration of our lives. We must take care of our bodies for the best use of it. The body we end up with barring any accident or ill-fate will be as a result of the choices we make. Better dietary choices result in a better temple.

The temple must be cleaned

We must also ensure that we spend time cleaning our body, soul, and spirit. One of the best holistic detoxes is meditative fasting. This happens when we not only abstain from food but we also take time to focus on the Word and the things of God. The body is said to rid itself of toxins and harmful waste during a fast and meditation (thinking of the “these things” from Philippians 4) will rid the spirit and soul of some carnal ways.

The temple must be maintained

The body is an “engineering” marvel. The fact that humans can walk upright, run, dance, think, and experience so much in a cognitive manner is a marvel. Physical exercise benefits our blood, dexterity, bones, and muscles. It also reduces the risk of obesity, heart attacks, and hypertension. ( We must maintain the body we were given.

The temple must be utilized

The first point that was made is that we must open God’s temple, our bodies, to Him. When we have done that we must also open it to others through service. The temple must be utilized for the glory of God and to spread the message of His Kingdom and the love of the King.

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